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  1. Thnx for the tips im running the 4 by 4 4 by 2 and 4 by 1 relay this
    saturday and it my first time omg im so nervouse and im running with all
    8th graders and im only a 7th grader

  2. Good stuff and advice! I’ll run my first maraton this or next year. I have
    to remember to check back on this video for that last bit of advice that
    I’ll probably need when I get ready for the race.

  3. Next week I am running my first half marathon, I am thinking I will use my
    warm up pace, for at least a mile or so. I am 56 so I don’t care much about
    speed as long as I finish.

  4. Great advise in this video. I am planning to run my first marathon this
    year. What was your longest long training run before your first marathon
    and how did your first marathon work out?

  5. Hello Ginger.
    I’ve just found this channel, and I’m realy pleased, great advice.
    Decided to train for the Liverpool Marathon, UK in Sept. I’ve just ran my
    first 10km in many yrs, I’m 49. I’m looking for a program to follow, I am
    lazy when it comes to thinking about training, I just love to run.
    I’ve got strong cardio and I recover very, very quick but I’m cautious with
    my knees, had probs last yr.

  6. Great tips Ginger — and great reviews too. –, One more though, Training
    Gadgets. Leave them at home (HRM, Foot Pod,Trainer, etc), no need for them,
    a race is as good as the training that you previously had, PREVIOUSLY
    (that´s were you actually use them !!!). Imagine running a full marathon
    with a repetitive alarm (and vibration ) indicating that your are either
    over or under paced or your hear rate is low? — That´s painful — . Less
    weight too. Just my experience. Cheers.

  7. There’s a Jamaican restaurant in town that has never failed me. They have
    some delicious jerk chicken with veggies, rice and beans that seem to
    politely leave at exactly the right time. These are all great tips, and
    all mistakes I have made. Great stuff!

  8. I’m running my first marathon in NYC this Sunday! Thank you for the great
    tips! You’re great!…and I also cannot wait to drink beer Sunday after the
    race. Happy running! <3 <3 <3

  9. Columbus Ohio Marathon coming up in less than three days! First one! Thank
    you for all the great videos you put out. It has helped me stay motivated
    and given me some advice i will need if i want to FINISH!

  10. Hey Ginger Runner, just found your site while researching a shoe to buy. I
    really dig your GoPro running videos, really makes me want to get up and go
    for a run. I also really like this video, I wish you had more like it. I
    know you have got allot of good info in your pod cast but I would literally
    have to sit through hours and hours to get a few tips on running. I would
    love to see you make smaller video’s on specific topics. Such as prepping
    for a race, recovering, stretching, running technique ect. Keep up the
    good work bro.

  11. Great tips for marathon though I heard them many times before. I’m going to
    run my first marathon this coming Sunday. LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. How did I miss this advice before slogging SO incorrectly through my first
    1:39:51 Half in Feb this year. I missed out on all of the satisfaction of
    completing it as that was replaced with desperation and relief! Have
    another is September and feel much more prepared and with this advice in
    hand I’m hoping to enjoy it as much as Love my training runs.

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