25 thoughts on “HOW TO START RUNNING | TOP TIPS!”

  1. I couldn’t find a video on breathing. Or stretch before running. Do you
    have one? If not will u make one?

  2. This was sooo helpful! Do you have any tips on how to carry a bottle. I’ve
    gone on one run before and I was feeling uncomfortable because I had to
    carry something. I know it’s only one thing, but …. Ya know! xxx

  3. This has really helped thank you, I’ve only just discovered your videos but
    I found this one very helpful and will put it into practice on my next run
    🙂 thanks again 

  4. I wanna start to run, cause I heard is the only thing could help you to
    loss fat on belly. Is that true?
    And I wanna know if running 1 hour every day is gonna make me less my
    breasts? Cause I dont want that. I just wanna flat my belly.

  5. Hi! This really helped me thank you! I have exercised induced asthma and
    find your advice very helpful! I struggle with my breathing and find going
    for 5 minutes and then walking this helps!

  6. Do you have advise for running with asthma. I really have bad asthma the
    doctor suggest me to start running, but i’m always scared to have an asthma
    attack. btw i love ur videos xx

  7. I know I can run for a really long time but every time i try to run I
    always get cramps in my stomach. No matter what I eat before hand or not
    eating before hand they always comes back 

  8. Omg! I love this video, I start being healthy by wanting to be “good at
    running”, and then was the food and now being healthy is part of my
    Hugs from Mexico!

  9. Wow this video has motivated me to start running again. Love it! Will start
    this week. I been walking a lot but now ready to run again. Hopefully I can
    stay motivated! Thanks from Australia x

  10. Do you have a video with music recommendations? I know how important music
    is to even things like breathing and pace; I just don’t know music very

  11. I get stomach cramps very easily while running. I do warm up before run.
    What to do to avoid this happen? Thx

  12. You have motivated me SO MUCH! Going to give you a shoutout in my new
    exercise challenge video / the third in my Healthy Habits series! 🙂 I want
    to start a proper exercise routine again, I feel I’m finally ready and I
    need to have structure as I procrastinate on it now with this YouTube job
    as the hours are crazy so thank you thank you thank you for being a little
    light in my online world! Love ya chick xx

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