1. Garmin 10 is my secret weapon. Don’t recommend it for marathon runners. The
    battery only lasts 3 hours. But fine if you’re an average runner. I can see
    the pace I’m running at. For instance I decide to run 5 min per km. The
    watch gives me information every second how I’m doing – if it’s too fast or
    slow. Very useful.

  2. That shoe isn’t for everyone. If someone’s bio-mechanics leave them
    pronating badly, this is a horrible shoe-choice. Brooks knows this and
    that’s why they’ve come out with stability options. It’s fairly
    disingenuous to assume all feet are created equal and no shoe company is
    merely trying for the ‘sexiest’ flimsiest shoe (except for Nike, maybe) –
    they actually build shoes for different feet and different mechanics.
    It’s for precisely this reason you (Durianrider) probably wouldn’t fare too
    well in a Brooks Beast. But don’t take my word for it.

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  5. you’re trying to promote veganism and doing heavy athletic activity? THAT’S
    CRIMINAL. You sir, are a criminal. Anything else you talk about is suspect
    after that. If you’re promoting veganism in general, and then on TOP of
    that heavy athletic activity will push the human body into the fast track
    to muscle atrophy, which is IRREVERSIBLE. Muscle atrophy will then lead to
    death. CRIMINAL!!!

    please go turn yourself in to the authorities.

  6. this is the first video of yours that has dissappointed me.. Nike?! wtf
    dude.. you are always talking about saving the planet, well.. boycott Nike

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    to make your fat-burning hormone working, this process called Metabolism
    Override. And then, you can reduce weight easily without restricting the
    foods you crave most

  8. I actually have bad knees, what’s called Patella-Femoral syndrome.
    Essentially, they don’t align properly and therefore grind away on bone and
    cartilage to the point of pain. I do find, however that while normal
    everyday activities (such as standing and walking) cause a dull ache,
    running actually helps them feel amazing and is the only time they do not

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    Skinnimaker Routine so you can get started

  10. This vid is useless, all you’re doing is advertising expensive products…
    Also your arm motion technique is horrible! Appreciate the effort though

  11. Are the forerunner 10 and 15 good enough to train for cross country and
    races? If not what could I get for the same price range?

  12. Have you heard about the weight melting system that lies hidden in your
    body. Go Google Skinnimaker System to activate it.

  13. you run 10 miles a week, how do you think you could give advanced training
    tips. get over yourself.

  14. I run 6 miles through the desert every day/every other day (depending on
    weather and schedule). im also vegan.

  15. you can not run barefoot in cushioned shoe. There is so much more to the
    proprioception, zero drop and toe space… and anyway.. shoes are the last
    thing, not the first. all starts and ends with posture, footstrike and
    stride.. :/ so many things wrong in this vid.. shoes are just the start

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