25 thoughts on “Running Tips : How to Stretch Before & After a Run”

  1. I’ve been thinking about a videoblog between runners on youtube. You know
    for motivation? So when someone feels tired or down they can see how other
    people are doing and get motivated. If you want to do this with me please
    message me ! We can post daily blogs, eating tips, and just motivational
    videos. All for fitness. 

  2. Will these types of stretching give me more muscle on my legs? Because I
    don’t want that. I am a girl and I have big calves – I want them to become
    smaller but it’s hard because it’s all muscle. I don’t run often but I am
    going to start. If anyone knows how to reduce calf muscle please tell me!!!

  3. Hey Man, Thanks a lot 4 putting up this Video. I just started off
    running/jogging after a few years & at first my muscles would get cramped
    up & i didnt know what to do & my legs would hurt a lot at the end of the
    day. But after watching ur Video i release my muscles & i feels so great to
    run/jog without any pain & my practice is a lot more fun right now 🙂
    Thanks, Arshad

  4. @jasonwins7 aha, i have to runk 5km today and tommorow and I haven’t run in
    half a year… 🙁

  5. @whotube88 Yea dude I hate it, but I figued out what it was. It was mostly
    form. When I would run for long periods of time I would get so tired that I
    would lose my running form. So what I did I rested untill I felt better.
    While running, I kept my form, my body squared, and I havent injured that
    area ever since. Hope this info helps you out! Good luck

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