25 thoughts on “Running Tips On How To Run A Sub 20 5k EASILY!”

  1. very inspirational video. my 5k time now is about 31min. i’ve been running
    (a lot has been easy jogging) for about just over 2 years and my splits
    have always been so uneven. the first 2k would be significantly faster than
    the last two, and on every run i nearly ALWAYS take a walking break for
    about 500m in the middle. so i think now i’m gonna start off with an easy
    jogging pace and sustain that for 5k and then build up the speed over time.
    running has also wrecked my legs since i started. i got shin splints last
    year and couldn’t walk without pain for about 3 months. i swim now and run
    1 – 2 times a week for the sake of less impact. do you think that this is
    sufficient enough to build up a sub 20 5k over time??

  2. I love DR because he gives all us noobs very basic goals and the
    fundamentals to achieve them. Pure gold!!

  3. “your not a kangaroo, your a human” as i started running 2 years ago i
    looked exactly like that lol.
    great tips, i’m working on it and getting fitter every day! 

  4. Good tips, but I think more important than a Garmin is good form. Running
    with bad form can waste so much of your potential energy and lead to
    injury. Running with a straight back, chest forward, arms relaxed and can
    save a lot of your momentum. Also, picking up you legs and knees instead of
    bouncing up and down can push you forward much faster instead of wasting
    that force pushing you up.

  5. I think the Garmin watches pace you with the virtual partner function. So
    it should beep at you when you fall behind pace or go too fast. No need to
    look at the watch. Haven’t tried it yet tho.

  6. hey harley, I hate running so much and I’m really bad in running
    I can’t even run 15 min without feeling like I’m dying
    I love bike riding tho. what do you recommend? I’m a bit overweight so
    should I start running again and trying to get better or stick with riding?

  7. Ummmm, anyone can be a sub 20 min 5k under the age of 50 if they are a
    runner? Really? ok..then I have a few years and some hope. Also, I am gonna
    sell one of my kids to get that watch and people without kids are gonna
    sell a kidney to get that watch..hilarious. Why didn’t you mention the
    velcro strap you told Michael and I about? It’s rad! My 310 does not always
    work so great..not sure if the salt water in the sea has ruined it?

  8. I was just wondering if you have any suggestions for people who get sore
    feet easily. I did 10km in 45 minutes so I’m sort of fit but usually i feel
    tired because i’ve been dealing with the pain of sore feet. I could
    probably run a lot quicker but my feet always end up hurting really badly.
    It’s just annoying because i know i’m pretty fit but my feet always get in
    my way. I always just get bad blisters and it sucks! I don’t know if it
    could be bad form or just bad genetics… Thanks for any advice given!

  9. Excellent advice Harley – even pacing on a flat course (no wind) results in
    the best 5k time. With a sprint, last k the fastest. Glad you put in the
    qualifier on “under 50” – at 50, sub-20 was easy enough. At 40 it was a
    piece of piss. At 57 I don’t know if it’s possible. Another tip would be to
    race at your best healthy racing weight.

  10. This is the stupidest training advice I’ve ever heard. Anyone can do math
    and figure out how fast you have to run to finish a 5k in 20 minutes. How
    do you train to run that fast? 20 minutes is not an average 5k. Without
    your girlfriend, no-one would watch you.

  11. pretty unhelpful video for people who can’t ‘run a fucking 5k any day of
    the week’. i’ve run 17 marathons – 40 minute 10k, 19.55 5k, 1.07 10 mile,
    1.28 half, 3.23 marathon and let me tell you, it took me 4-5 years to run
    that 5k time and that is after a good summer of intense track work too. i’m
    fit – i’ve been a veggie/teetotal 12 years and am lean. running is partly
    genetic, partly hard work. if you’ve run a 2.48 marathon on 10 miles
    training per week, that’s bloody impressive. you’ve got some clear genetic
    talent there. NO ONE else would be able to do that. it’s completely
    unrealistic and deluded to say anyone else could do that

  12. I ran at my local 5K park run today in Edinburgh with no running experience
    or training and did a 19:25, I cycle about 3 times per week for cardio.
    Must be all that vegan food i eat!

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