25 thoughts on “Running to Lose Weight – Three Tips”

  1. oh i gain weight… stupid muscle… i legit hate it!! I look like I am 300
    lbs but i am only 100 lbs but my muscle is UGLY 

  2. 100% mind, if u dont convince yourself that u need a change, you won’t get

  3. I really loved your clip. Hope to connect more on here & maybe you’ll take
    a look at some of my clips. Blessings to you. – Tara

  4. Running is one of the most common exercises people do to lose weight.
    Really liked your first tip, to be consistent. Really important to stay on
    track for the long haul in order to see results.

  5. Seriously how people are so in mature and rude these days. He’s just trying
    to help and give us some tips and advice. People just waist they’re time
    with their stupid comments. But anyways thank you so very much
    Tips4Running, I am so glad that I saw your video because I definitely
    needed help on my running. So now I’m going to try out these tips to see a

  6. To all the spammers that keep commenting on this video. Stop it! No one is
    going to buy your weight loss product that probably is a festering piece of
    garbage. They are here to watch a video for free.

  7. If you are using me as an example, then no. You can’t. Just take solace in
    the fact that your incredible masculinity will be proudly on display
    whenever you aren’t wearing a hat.

  8. Your gentle retort has helped me come to terms with my own thinning hair
    and place it in a wider and more dignified context. Thank you, Tips4Running!

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