25 thoughts on “Track Running Tips : How to Get a Faster 100-Meter Dash Time”

  1. I don’t use starting block or shoe. My coach said that if I can win I can
    run in sock. I did my 100 in 6.2 second. :)

  2. Thanks for the tips, there very informative & helpful! I’m the fastest
    runner in 7th grade & my goal is to reach 10.5 or 10.3!

  3. Haven’t ran the hundred since last year in 8th grade, & I was running 12s,
    This year I should be faster, Ive been working out& watching these tip
    videos, my goal is to run 11s, & maybe even 10.9s if i’m lucky

  4. i got this problem for 2 years ,its like i got 2 techniques in my head and
    i dont know whats right,i keep changing it !!.the first one is am moving my
    legs very fast up and down off the ground and the second one is the feeling
    off pushing and pushing getting full extension with my back leg using
    power against the ground but it feels that am moving slower and my coach
    tells me the first steps have to be quick and i dont know wt to do 🙁 plus
    i got a problem knowing the diff of using power and tension my coach tells
    me to be relaxed, 

  5. thanks for the tip i was running 12’s beginning of the year finally hit
    11.57 my new pr , im 15 finishing my freshmen year gonna aim for low 11’s
    next year thanks

  6. I keep my upper body bent forward and I’m one of the. Fastest in school.
    Should I change the way I run to be able to improve?

  7. if you are in highschool and arent hitting under 11:9 in the 100 as a boy
    you need to go to mid distance. m a sophomore in only my second year of
    track (first year sprinter) my 100 pr s 11:09 and 200 is 23.. it all
    startsa how you push out the blocks and your take off is the most important
    phase of your race

  8. I’ll be honest my 8th grade year I could barely hit a 13 I find it hard to
    believe an 11 year old can hit 11flat…

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